That 'me so ronry' is just insensitive...

To who? You? You probably think Asians actually talk like that, because you’ve seen too many bad kung fu movies. And now you feel guilty about making fun of them when you were younger, so you try to make up for it by acting like you really give a shit; taking up for them online. The fact is that most Asians speak excellent English. Most are taught English as a second language starting in elementary school.

You know who else makes fun of Engrish speakers? Asians. How do I know? My wife is Asian. Most of the Engrish memes are posted by Asians. You should definitely get a sense of humor soon, because believe me they are making fun of the way you talk right now. “Howdy Partner.”


p.s. - I couldn’t help but notice you never complained all those times I made fun of white Americans.

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