Top Ten Tumblr Cat Blogs 2013

The following are the top ten Tumblr cat blogs for the year 2013. No, we didn't pick them as the top ten. These are actually the most common cat blogs on the net. If you love cats you must check them out. We're nowhere near that, but we'll get there. (P.s. if you're on tumblr you can find us at caterville.tumblr)

(click the images to visit each blog-links open in a new window)

1. Derpy Cats

2. Fuckyeahcats

3. omg cats in space

4. fuckyeahfelines

5. awwww! Cute!

6. Cats That Look Like Pin-up Girls

7. Photogenic Felines

8. Cats, Beavers and Ducks

9. Cutest Cats

10. Waffles the Cat

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