10 Cool Cat Masks

Cats, part, party cats, pizza...you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes! Time for a cat mask. But first, check out these ten awesome cat masks in no particular order.
Opera Cat Mask by Will Segerman

1. Opera Cat Mask: Artist slash prop maker Will Segerman made this neat cat mask for an opera, while working at RA Props.

Peeping Tom Monocle Cat Mask
2. Peeping Tom Monocle Cat Mask: An awesome steampunk cat mask by the artists at Merimask.

Industrial Egyptian Cat Mask
3. Industrial Bast Egyptian Cat Queen: Industrial or Steampunk, whatever you call it, it's bad assed. This Egyptian themed carnival mask is another Merimask creation.

White Lioness Cat Mask

4. White Lioness Cat Mask: A full faced mask for when you just have to get your cat on. This fluffy yet scary mask was created by artist MaewynShadowtail on deviantart.

Creepy Cheshire Cat Mask
5. Creepy Cheshire-ish Cat Mask: As if Alice In Wonderland's Cheshire cat wasn't creepy enough, here's a mask that's sure to give all the kiddies nightmares for the rest of their lives. Costume maker Lilleah West made this.

Cat Goddess Cat Mask
6. Cat Goddess Cat Mask: This mask looks more human than cat, but eh I still think it's neat. Instead of putting paint all over your face just slip on this tiger painted cat mask by deviant artist illmater.

Cheshire Cat Mask
7. Cheshire Cat Mask: A bit more friendlier Cheshire cat mask than #5, but still a bit creepy with its vintage look. This toothy mask was created by artist Karnen for a "Picture Yourself in Wonderland" contest.

Black Leather Cat Mask
8. Black Leather Cat Mask: A simple leather mask with no frills, but probably one of the best carnival style cat masks I've ever seen. This beauty was created by artist Midnight Zodiac.

Grumpy Cat Mask
9. Grumpy Cat Mask: The face that launched a thousand memes and this mask, which was created by Horse Head Mask company. Not sure if they actually make these masks or just sell them. 

10. Egyptian Mau Stage Mask: lol okay this one isn't really cool, but I couldn't resist adding this derpy cat mask. This hurr durr creation was made by artist Jonathan, and sells for $160. You can check out his other work at http://www.theater-masks.com.

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